A Fresh Approach

The FRESH Approach philosophy takes an active and informed approach to wellbeing and has 5 key components encompassing health, nutrition, exercise, sleep and balancing emotional energy levels.   Together we design a personalised programme focusing on your needs to achieve greater health, wellbeing and balance.

A Fresh Approach - FOOD

FOOD is more than just fuel for our bodies, it's our source of minerals, vitamins and fibre all essential for the maintenance and repair of our cellular processes. A healthy balanced diet of fresh, locally produced food will normally contain most of what we need.
The best diet for us is the one that is closest to what we are already eating. Careful review and adding the missing healthy ingredients is the first step to optimal health.
A Fresh Approach - REST

REST and recovery is vital to our wellbeing. Most of us need between 7-9 hours sleep each night. This essential rest allows our brain and body to heal and recover from the daily insults it receives and be fit and ready for the next day. We can't bank sleep and losing just an hour a day over the week is like functioning without a full night of sleep.

A Fresh Approach - SPORT

SPORT and exercise keep our bodies fit and healthy. Moving regularly is vital for our muscles along with resistance training and giving our cardiovascular system a daily workout protects us from disease. Designing a weekly training programme will help to build our emotional energy supplies, improve our sleep, enhance our concentration and is essential for our health.

EMOTIONAL WELLBEING and happiness are vital to our health. Making time for the people and activities that matter in our lives gives us essential emotional energy that we need to power the more difficult challenges we face daily. Redressing this balance is a core ingredient for our health.
A Fresh Approach - SPORT

HEALTH Understanding our body and how it responds to insults has never been more important. We need to be proactive in how we manage our health. This means we need to understand and manage the genetic risks we carry, be alert and react to changes we see and feel and protect ourselves from infection and disease. A full medical review is the first step on this journey.

"Taking care of our bodies and minds allows us to stay healthy, find meaning in what we do
and maintain the balance we need for a fulfilled life"