My Philosophy

  • Facing high pressure and demands?
  • Need greater energy for creativity and innovation?
  • Looking to be more productive?
  • Want to improve your health and wellbeing and build strong and supportive relationships?

Building resilience can redress this balance resulting in higher performance, greater productivity and a thriving environment with strong relationships and support networks.  This allows for fresh thinking, innovation and creativity, flexibility and an ability to respond and grow in challenging situations.

I am a medical doctor with 15 years experience in treating patients with serious and preventable diseases.  This has driven my passion for health promotion to identify those at risk earlier.   My working knowledge of the physiology and pathology of the human body allows me to work with my clients to design specific lifestyle changes.  There is a wealth of research that has led to evidence-based practices in health and wellbeing offering us many possibilities to lead a full, healthy and balanced life.

My coaching programmes make a difference at both individual and organisational levels.  I work with clients to identify and understand the issues that are draining them of their motivation, confidence or positive energy. 
Together we redress the balance towards a greater resilience with a healthier and happier lifestyle through raised awareness of self-care and self-management.   

Through A Fresh Approach: 

  • We focus on health, nutrition, rest and recovery, exercise and emotional wellbeing. 
  • We redefine the core values of identity, purpose and meaning. 
  • We develop greater resilience through self-awareness and awareness of others to build stronger relationships and networks of support.
Mecky McNeil - Medical Doctor and Associate Coach

My Vision

To put healthy high performance, resilience and wellbeing at the core of our lives.


To create a culture of health, wellbeing and balance that allows us to thrive and excel in every aspect of our lives


Integrity & Rigour

I am passionate about health and wellbeing and strive to get the best results for my clients.  By keeping up to date with medical developments and professional coaching methods I ensure my practice is evidence-based.

Respect & Trust

Confidentiality and respect are the cornerstones of my practice both as a doctor and a coach.  My relationships are built on trust and are open, honest, respectful and lasting.