A Fresh Approach - Mecky McNeil

“We consulted Dr McNeil in anticipation of a year-long fraud trial and with a view to maintaining the team’s performance while living and working in a foreign jurisdiction. Her advice and guidance not only ensured that we functioned optimally for the duration of the trial,  it also changed the culture of the firm, for the better. Many staff members thanked me for this during their appraisals: we are a leaner, meaner, happier and healthier fighting machine.”

Andrew Ford, Principal, LIPMAN KARAS LLP London | Australia | Hong Kong

"Mecky is a kind, empathetic coach and a fabulous listener. She is always seeking more information and new ideas for her clients. She will empower you to think critically and make better choices with her thought provoking questions and powerful insights.  Sometimes it's just one line that will change your perception and undo years of limited thinking! Mecky also has the ability to find the positives and opportunities for growth. I highly recommend her!"

Liza Jachens, Occupational Health Psychologist and Senior Lecturer Webster University Geneva,

"As a working mother with time-consuming hobbies, I was struggling to fit everything in but I didn’t want to give anything up! My stocks of energy were rapidly depleting and I was finding it difficult to enjoy life to the full. Mecky’s skilful and professional coaching allowed me to better understand my own strengths and weaknesses and challenge my unhelpful unconscious behaviours. The benefits were felt in a very short timescale and my learnings continue to help me enormously in my day to day life. Thank you Mecky"

A Director of a leading Consultancy Firm, Geneva